Home Office Organisation

Home Office Organisation

Using our organisational abilities and extensive project management experience, we are dedicated to helping our Home Office clients become more productive.

The convenience of having your office within the home space is often overwhelmed by a lack of formality like customer facing environments and too often can become inefficient through the absence of structure and systems. By showing you ways to develop better systems and utilise your work space effectively, we can help you save time searching for information and documents.

Create and work in an inspiring environment

Work Environment

  • De-clutter your office
  • Create a defined work space
  • Equipment placement planning
  • Furniture / storage system planning
  • Develop sustainable systems based on our clients natural style and strengths

Information Management

  • Open and sort mail
  • Establish / re-organise paper filing systems
  • Establish / re-organise electronic filing systems
  • Sort, categorise and file your paperwork backlog

Administrative Services

  • Rental / Holiday Property Administration
  • Accounts management for home business or home
  • Budget planning
  • Data entry
  • Typing services